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Sep 29, 2010 1:00am PDT
to page four or five, that is actually the list of things which are a retrofit of the irrigation system and training the staff and guaranteeing that there would be a site supervisor and testing and inspection. these are what we have agreed on behalf of the city. this assigns the responsibility to parks and recreation. >> these are the mitigation measures. >> correct. >> these are the agreements that we had and we are now transferring or allocating to parks and recreation? >> correct. >> the item shows that would it would give the general manager the response -- the responsibility to negotiate the mou. the wording on the agenda is slightly different from the final wording. >> that is what we will be voting on. >> correct. >> are there any further questions? is any public comment >> we have three speaker cards. >> public comments on item 14. >> good afternoon, commissioners. we advocate the protection of national parks. a thank-you for your work on the conservation efforts. i am here to express concerns that the puc is considering authorizing agreements for the golf course which is within
Sep 29, 2010 8:30am PDT
. assuming that something else happens, do they have the ability to use this form on irrigation purposes? >> it would depend on what the use was. making use it for irrigation. if the project it not go forward, they would change into an irrigated use. >> if they were to build development there as an alternative, that is a public issue. >> this can only be used for part or public service. >> this is really not an issue. i think that we should move forward and pass this. i think that this provides a very important source of water that is something that we should be looking at in the future and that is based upon your words on how this should be used. >> i'm not a huge fan of golf courses. they use a lot of pesticides and water. i have questions about this project and could this be converted to an open space side down the road. what happened to that facility? could this be used? i feel like it don't have quite a bit of information. that is where i fall. >> i am concerned about the use of the land and the agencies. if we pay for a facility that has no revenue extreme, this is kind of like a f
Sep 14, 2010 2:30pm PDT
for irrigation, and that is just under 30,000 gallons to store as much. we're going to have the capacity to treat up to five dozen gallons per day. this as really to maximize the value of doing this. you have to look at this as an eco block or eco neighborhood, so we are looking for using the excess water for the greater sustainability district in the future. looking at this on a bigger scale, i also think this is very important piece features -- to look at these features. commissioner: will the piping go in, or will that be later? >> we will be able to access this and take it to other locations. commissioner: so you transport it? >> i just mean that we will be able to tie into the building. in the future, you could tie into it. commissioner: some piping or something. commissioner: is that where there are these microorganisms? >> i like it when i am prepared. the living machine is an on-site ecological waste water approach that produces waste water without chemicals, motor, buy products, or high energy usage. it replicates the process at a micro level. this uses treatment cells, 10 times per day.
Sep 12, 2010 11:30am EDT
last a lifetime. we hope. let's try this one. irrigate. it's a verb. maybe it means to annoy constantly? or it could mean to make wet or supply with water? or it means to drill with a rotating tool? ouch! no, irrigate is a nice verb. it means to make wet or supply with water. farmers irrigate their land so crops will grow. now let's try this -- superfluous. it's an adjective that means either beyond what is necessary? extremely graceful? or being really, really sick with the flu? superfluous means beyond what is necessary. just your thanks for this game of "word" is enough. anything more would be superfluous. but i'll take it anyway. ephemeral -- lasting only a short time. irrigate -- to supply with water. superfluous -- beyond what is necessary. that's "word!" for "kids news." >>> it's one of the biggest concerts of the year, z-100's zootopia. and nicole got to rock with the stars. >> welcome to zootopia. >> come on! come on! >> reporter: each year z100 hosts a concert where rock meets utopia. ♪ the result is "zootopia." and the energy is intense. >> what's up? >> give it up for ciar
Sep 23, 2010 2:30pm PDT
, this field was not worth the price of irrigation. next year's crop is in the ground, and the raiders are growing -- going -- the irrigators are going. >> we are profitable. three months ago, we left this field fallow because it would not be profitable. now we have the opportunity to plant fall we can make a substantial profit. >> with the russian export and taking a huge amount of wheat out of the market, there is a growing demand for other countries like america to make up the shortfall. >> this goes way beyond the simple equations of supply and demand. this is an international commodity. the price is not set year, but on the trading floors of the global exchange. it is here in chicago where fortunes are at stake and they speculate on the future price of wheat. it impacts what we all pay for food and may restore the market. the irony is it has calculated how sensitive the crop is in the storage elevators all around the world. there is an uncertainty about future supply and demand and food security that continues to attract speculators are looking for a profit. this week trader, paul
Sep 9, 2010 12:30am PDT
, which saved some of the irrigated farmland but caused flooding in other areas. that is where the politics comes in. was the breach deliver it or was it the pressure of the water? >> there is a lot of accusations flying around. my first priority has to be to get delivery and to speak with government and humanitarian partners, our ngo's to do what we need to do on the ground. i am not concerning myself with those rumors because the key has to be that we save as many lives as possible. >> pakistan's agriculture and future depends on a system of irrigation canals designed to regulate the flow of water. floods have shown the system cannot cope. a coordinated by the un is crucial to saving lives. in the long term pakistan's rural economy will depend on better management of the country's water. >> we small evangelical church in florida says it will defy international condemnation and proceed with the plan to burn copies of the koran. pastor terry jones said he wanted to send a message to the radical islamists. the u.s. attorney general condemn the plans. our security correspondent h
Sep 28, 2010 2:00pm PDT
%. the next would be the modesto and turlock irrigation districts. they also have rights to low- cost power in particular. the next largest is the airport tenants. we provide power to the tenants at san francisco international. they comprise about 10% of all the usage of power. the sliver that in particular is of interest to the rate fairness board is the rate that we retell. that is what voters asked the fairness board to do in 2002. their work will be spent almost entirely on that very small sliver of about 1% of projected retail demand at the hunters point shipyard, the trans bay terminal, and at treasure island. nevertheless, it is a potentially growing wedge depending on how fast we develop the project as areas grow. this is a very full slide, but if i could take a moment and what he threw it, which challenged the consultants as well as our staff and myself 0 --- if i could take a moment and walk you through it, we challenged the consultants as well as our staff and myself to see how rate designs compared to current rates and how the long list of options could possibly apply. across th
Sep 8, 2010 12:30am PDT
utility, 15 irrigation and water districts spread between bakersville and in the counties of sonma and santa clara. the model for this is a model similar to what we developed at ncpa and it's the model that i have put into place at the pooling authority. basically i'm very comfortable working with the board and understanding how to extract the most amount of value from an organization that is working in a community effort. it's very important that as public power that you meet the goals and objectives of the constituents and the elected officials and the board. it is not necessarily a for-profit enterprise, but you must operate it as a business where you have clear and concise goals and operations so that you make sure that revenues and expenses and accountability is always there for the board and always there for the constituents. so we could talk for way too long if you want about public power issues, but does that answer your question? commissioner vietor: i have a follow-up? chairperson mirkarimi: yes supervisor dufty: the -- commissioner vietor: the second is about power choic
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am PDT
, stone walls and stairs, secured and screen trash and recycling area, landscape and irrigation and planting and improvement and site furnishing. the framework has been coordinate andt carousel will remain open during the 120-day construction period. we received six bids on the 28th of july. h.r.c. had yet to complete their review of bids. they now completed their review and we reviewed the contractor qualifications. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> so moved. nice piece in today's paper. are are moved and seconded. it is unanimous. >> item 12 >> good afternoon commissioners. i am a project manager with the capital division. you have these in your pocket. i wanted to point it out. well, i am here to present and request the award of the contract -- there is a typo on the number. please refer to the last bids. it is $999,018. the recreation center and playground between 22nd and 23rd street the renovation of the children's play area at the lower part of the park, which is located, i am pointing it out with my finger right here,
Sep 24, 2010 10:30am PDT
challenge is that i wanted to push the boundaries, but when i evaluate it for irrigation, it would not negatively impact plants, but then you get to the public health issues, and that is the biggest challenge, having any of those remain in the water. commission appear -- commissioner: is john the founder? i just wanted to note -- to know. >> they got out the original company. -- they bought out the previous owner. i am hoping that we see a positive savings when we complete the buy up for the project. -- the buyout for the project. we have plans for the child care center and the cafe. will it stay on budget? yes. president crowley: colleagues, anything else? commissioner: i am fascinated by the living machine. there might be ways to tie this into another program, because we are hoping for more greenspace around a particular treatment facilities, and maybe there is a real opportunity, and i do not know if we need to tested first or if there is a way to think about bringing in online to treat this like an gray water. -- is black and gray water. >> good afternoon, for waste water. we'r
Sep 1, 2010 6:30am PDT
of the irrigation equipment and the hearings to help assist the operations until we have substantial growth. we want to make sure the grass grows properly. we're looking to start this project at the end of september. we hope to have that facility open immediately following construction. with that, ask for your approval. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> i'm of approval. commissioner buell: all in favor? all opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> [unintelligible] >> the evening, commissioners. i am here to ask that you authorize the general manager to negotiate and execute a memorandum of understanding with the san francisco public utilities commission for a long- term parking agreement for 60 parking spaces at civic center garage. it is in the process of constructing a new administration building at 525 golden gate ave. there is no parking in the new building that they are constructing. we are interested in renting 60 spaces from the department. in order to help us with some of our general funds and budget issues that we were experiencing, they agreed to e
Sep 29, 2010 12:30am PDT
that the irrigation district and others are being charged. we will provide suggestions on efficiency and demand response incentives to attempt conservation. we will be including in that report a proposed low income medical discount like the lifeline provision under the charter. we will look at the cost of service associated in the current budget, for example the $5 million subsidy for go solar sf as a public policy charge. we will also look at net energy metering, which is technologically very easy to do and would not require any special meeting for us. what we would then plan for future rate studies would be looking further at economic development areas to the degree there are special incentives to be in a special development tom, kind of like enterprise zones. -- special development town, kind of like energy zones. what we are doing now is saying here is what power we have and who currently use is it -- uses it and has a drop on it. to an extent that there is a surplus or a tight power supply, there is a flexibility you could potentially have. with that, i am happy to answer any questions or
Sep 29, 2010 9:00am PDT
relationship with the valley, the irrigation districts, and the resources in the valley. this is part of thatokz that we are. >> in 2006, the commission adopted a watershed improvement program and said we would spend $50 million over the next 10 years to look for sites like this and other things we could paçó that we may have a connection to remember. >> this is $2 million of 50. we do not end up acquiring it, but we end up spending money to >> we put our outreach program across all of our watershed lands. if this was a joining one of our pieces of property, we would be bringing this forward as a free title acquisition for the puc because of our existing responsibilities in that area. in this case, we do not manage any land that is in the lower river, but we do want to see if protected. the general manager made reference that it was part of the commitment that was made almost six years ago. i think you were here them. it has taken this long for us to bring one of these projects to you, so i am glad we got this question. it reminds all of us how hard it is to make these things happen. we tal
Sep 26, 2010 12:05am EDT
in june to install new sidewalks, benches, flower gardens and irrigation system. the park service says the product should be completed by the end of the year. >>> still ahead, we know what sparked the devastating fire in manassas. plus, a lovely night. what will the rest of the weekend look like? >>> looking at our top headlines, cigarettes are being blamed for a fire that destroyed three homes and damaged seven in manassas. it took over 100 firefighters from three jurisdictions to bring the blaze on victor control. at least one that was killed and two people suffered minor injuries. >>> silver spring police are searching for the driver who struck a woman. her condition is considered very critical. >>> day on the national mall, hundred celebrating the national book festival. more than 70 authors and illustrators manned different stations. the library of congress sponsored the event and alison starling was there to host the presentation. >>> michael douglas is back as gordon gecko, the role that gained him an oscar. it is the story were the second go around? arch campbell reviews. >> mi
Sep 5, 2010 7:30pm PDT
from the air, and use it to irrigate young plants and treeof all kinds. it's t same process you see here when cold liquid in the glass condses water from the outside air. >> actuay what people forget is that all the water that's withs traveled through the air. >> reporter:here is a scientific name for this. biomimicry. it imitate nature. in this case, the surfa of a lotus leaf. were you skeptical of this? >> at first i was. but once i thought about it for five minutes, i was intrigued. >> reporter: matt manages the vineyards. each deviccollects about 200 cc's of water a day, but if you add it up, he estimates this process could save 175,000 gallons of water a yea and partly because it encouges heartier plants with deer roots. if grapes and other plants struggle when they'r young, they dig deeper roots and might not need irrigation at all. >> what you do is if there i enough water to let it suffice, but not enough to let it grow. >> reporter: peter has exrimented with the water box in eight couries by now and says even works in the sahara desert. his goal? reforce the planet to save
Sep 27, 2010 7:30am PDT
their cars in the street, hosing down sidewalks and parking lots, their irrigation systems overspray. narrator: in a city of 12 million people, those seemingly small bits of wasted water accumulate to enormous amounts. shapiro: so all that ends up in our streets, ends up in catch basins, storm drains, into our storm drain system, and for some of the city, parts of the city, it ends up here at smurrf. 350,000 gallons come here on a daily basis, producing recycled water, and that can be reused for landscape irrigation and indoor toilet flushing. the pumps can only handle so much water, which is generally when it's not rain, the dry-weather runoff, so if you get a storm of a decent size, the pumps will shut down automatically and the water will just continue to flow out into the ocean and it carries a lot of bacteria and people can get sick when they're swimming in the water near a flowing storm drain. everyone knows you don't go in the water for 72 hours after it rains. you just don't. this is the dirtiest beach in southern california. doheny beach. i've surfed this twice -- i've gotte
Sep 27, 2010 8:00am PDT
in the desert is turf. turf uses a lot of irrigation and uses spray irrigation, so what we've done here is use artificial turf. you're never going to be able to achieve the look of back east or the look of, say, california, with subtropical plants, but our landscapes are still lush and use about 30% of what the subtropical landscape with turf would use. las vegas has adopted a drought tolerant ordinance. we're using less water today than we used five years ago, despite over 300,000 new residents. i think it's a pretty amazing example as to how a town can really turn on a dime if there's the political will and if the public gets behind it. narrator: even the casinos and resorts have adapted to efficient water use. mulroy: the las vegas strip uses only 3% of all the water that we deliver. and when you think about it, it's the largest economic driver in the state, the largest employer, bar none. they knew they had to go the extra mile. and they've embraced conservation. and it's almost beyond belief that they're right now in the process of building another 15,000 rooms. southern nevada recycles 1
Aug 31, 2010 7:00pm PDT
agency, sadako ogata, and representatives of non-governmental organizations reported on irrigation facilities in afghanistan and the political situation in pakistan. the government will draw up measures that include training for police officers and helping former taliban fighters to find jobs. >>> japan's defense ministry says it will request about $51 billion for its budget next year, down 9.3% from this year. the budget requested decided on tuesday will be for the next fiscal year starting on april 1st, 2011. the reduction is in line with a government policy of across-the-board cuts for all budget requests from its ministries and agencies. the request includes money for research on ways to deploy self-defense forces to the sakishima islands in southern japan to reinforce defense in china. separately from its general budget request the ministry has asked for items in a special quota that will be ultimately decided by the prime minister. these items include about $2 billion towards assisting u.s. forces in japan. about $5.5 billion for ballistic defense, fuels for ships and aircraf
Sep 3, 2010 4:00am PDT
found in a densely forced area outfitted with an irrigation system. and lookout, platforms, no arrests have been made. >>> and in florida, a miami dolphin training session came to a complete stand still when defensive end kendall langford lost his 2.5 carat, $50,000 earrings. he forgot to remove his jewelry before practice and ended up losing one. the entire offensive line surged field but to no avail. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, we check in with bill karins good morning. we all want to know where this storm is headed to next. >> everyone wants to know how bad the damage will be. we'll see more pictures as the sun comes up on the east coast. the winds have been gusting anywhere from 70, maybe 75 miles an hour at worst around the outer banks. for them, that's not all that bad. they are used to storms, it's like a big nor'easter up the coast. cape cod could get clipped by stronger winds. the storm is looking kind of ragged this morning. it weakened rapidly yesterday evening and that spared eastern north carolina. now the question is how strong will it be and
Sep 8, 2010 7:00pm PDT
the site was being care for full-time with inexpensive irrigation system and a generator. >> two subjects were located within the content and integrate it with a brief pursuit and we were able to detain one and one got away the. >> reporter: the one in custody is a 63-year-old resident and this time of year it's common to find marijuana growth that is why they do helicopter surveillance every summer appeared to be proactive with the hopes confiscating. >> this is when we see the mature plant's. >> reporter: here is a description of the man who got away, a hispanic man and his 5- foot eight with brown hair and brown eyes. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> governor schwarzenegger leaves tomorrow with a six month visit to a shot. he discussed his trip today -- a visit to asia and plans to visit the shanghai facility during his tour. >> the point is to remain a leader in the global economy strengthening our economic and diplomatic ties is extremely important and absolutely necessary. >> the governor will plan the shooting -- plans to visit the shanghai world expo. he is also visiting
Sep 9, 2010 2:30pm PDT
on an elaborate future -- elaborate system of irrigation. aid coordinated by the united nations is crucial. the rural economy will depend on better management of water. bbc news, southern pakistan. >> the latest headlines for you, a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda, says president obama. he warned a florida pastor to drop plans to burn the koran to commemorate 9/11. a twist in the story of the boss hostage crisis. an investigation suggests some of the victims might have been shot by police. public transport in el salvador has been severely disrupted for a third successive day by a strike ordered by a criminal street gang. they ordered a 72-hour shutdown to protest a new law that would make membership in a new gang a criminal offense. >> such as the fear that the street gangs inspire that the simple announcement of the strike was enough to bring most public transport to a halt. many businesses have also closed to avoid violent reprisal. the government brought the army onto the street and provided military trucks to help people get to work. >> due to the rumors and threats, we have applied a
Sep 23, 2010 5:30pm PDT
of wheat. now he believes he is looking at pay dirt. the irrigators are rolling with a promise of profits ahead. >> be at spring or winter wheat, we have a profit where three months ago we left this field fallow because we did not have the rotations you plant the spring thaw wheat. >> with the russian export ban taking a huge amount of wheat out of the market, it is up to other countries like america to make up the shortfall. this is not just supply and demand. the prices are not set here in the fields of colorado, but on the trading floors of the global exchanges. it is here in chicago where fortunes are set on the future prices of wheat. what happened here affects the prices we all pay for food. the irony is there is plenty therewheat in giant -- there is plenty of wheat in storage elevators around the world. but uncertainty about future supply and demand continued to attract speculators, looking for a profit. there is an issue. >> people with money look at opportunities, look at wheat, and they say, this is a good buy. we will buy it and hold it. >> does that drive the price of that >>
Sep 28, 2010 12:30am PDT
that the heavy rainfall was to blame. the water is released to irrigate normally. this year, they drowned them. this woman has eight children purified had left the school when the flood waters struck. -- this woman has eight children. five of her children had left the school when the floodwaters struck. >> the water came suddenly when i was fixing breakfast in the morning. iran and took the kids from the house -- i ran and took the kids from the house. >> the waters cover 55 square kilometers of farmland. people are using whatever methods they can to move across the flooded land. some managed to limit the damage by using sandbags. >> it was a little area. it is sad. all of these houses -- it really contributed aloft. -- a lot. >> this is one of the breadbaskets of the country, providing food to the whole country and its neighbors. now food prices could rise in a country where many are suffering from shortages. stephanie holmes, bbc news. >> amnesty international has urged western european countries to halt the forcible return of roma people to kosovo. thousands who fled close of zero -- fled k
Sep 24, 2010 12:30am PDT
the price of irrigation. now he believes he is looking at peter. next year's crop is in the ground and the -- now he believes he is looking at pay dirt. next year's crops is in the ground -- next year's crop is in the ground. >> we had actually left in this field fallow a year ago because it would not be profitable for us to plant spring wheat. now we have the opportunity to plant fall wheat and make a substantial profit. >> with the russian export ban taking a huge amount of wheat off the market, it falls to the americans to make up the shortfall. >> but it goes beyond the simple equation of supply and demand. this is an international commodity and its price is set not here in the field of colorado, but the trading floors of the global exchanges. it is here in chicago where fortunes are state as traders speculate -- are at stake as traders speculate on the future price of wheat. the irony here is that it is calculated as plenty of wheat held in giant storage elevators around the world. grain is being loaded up and shipped out. it looks quite business as usual. but uncertainties ov
Sep 26, 2010 9:00am PDT
as they went along, everything from soil science to irrigation techniques. and before they knew it, they had developed a thriving avocado orchard along the way. they now have 8,500 avocado trees, trees that have come to mean more to the couple than they ever could have imagined. >> we like to think that we have 8,500 employees working for us here at the facility on our area. and we like to think of every tree as really an individual with its own personality. >> my husband calls them employees, but they're kind of like my babies. and anytime anything happens to them we feel horrible. and you see when a tree is stressed and you have to take care of it. and if any of them die, you feel bad. you feel really bad. so you want to take care of them as best you can. >> and those 8,500 employees continue to work hard for linda and mark who continue to dote on them. they hope to harvest about 15,000 pounds of fruit per acre this season alone. each avocado is handpicked, making sure the stem is trimmed off so it doesn't scrape or bruise other avocados when it is packed. and then the fruit is driven here
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 126 (some duplicates have been removed)